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What to Deduct on Taxes When Self-Employed

Tax deductions are important when you’re self-employed because they can help lower your taxable income. Since you don’t have an employer paying some of your taxes (namely the self-employment tax), any tax breaks you qualify for can help reduce the…

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tax help for small businesses

The Small Business Owner Tax Guide

Not all small businesses are created equally. The way your business entity is structured makes a difference in the way it will be taxed, and the rate you will pay. Recognizing the major differences between these structures and tax classifications…

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year-end tax planning tips

5 Year-End Tax Planning Tips

As the year comes to a close, it is time to start thinking about 2021 taxes. Every year, individuals as well as small businesses neglect to take full advantage of deductions and ways to save on taxes. However, following these…

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